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Welcome to GOWI Consulting

We help our clients develop and enhance their businesses by realising the potential of their most valuable asset: their people, through Leadership Coaching, Professional Development Training, Facilitation, and Career Support.

GOWI stands for Get On With It which reflects the enthusiasm, passion and appetite we have to make

a difference for our clients.

Whether a large corporate, SME or new start up,

we help our clients deliver impactful, sustainable

and measurable change.

With many years’ experience leading businesses

in both the private and public sector, we create realistic, challenging and often transformational interventions with, and for, our clients.


“In addition to your great facilitation, you indeed have the warmth to make all of us open, outspoken and reflective of ourselves and at the same time you ‘glue’ us together in a nurturing, productive and fruitful learning experience.”


Becky at LivaNova


44 (0) 7725 002565




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