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GOWI Consulting is led by Jane Smart. Starting her career in the late 1980’s at Chase Manhattan Bank, she went on to work at First Corp Bank in South Africa before returning to the UK to head up a number of SME businesses across a variety of industry sectors.

She has also spent time in the public sector, leading the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership as these initiatives were being established and multi-million pound budgets were given by government to drive local growth. In 2012, with more than 20 years’ experience, GOWI was launched to channel Jane’s passion for empowering people and organisations to be the very best they can be.


Utilising a highly talented and experienced group of associates enables us to create exactly the right team to meet our client’s requirements.

Our clients are local and global, from a variety of industry sectors and of varying sizes. They include international banks, a range of insurance related entities and corporate finance houses. We've also worked with the NHS, engineering organisations, housing associations, travel and PR companies, legal firms, youth charities, shipping companies and more.

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